Krigler Custom-Made Fragrances

Earning global recognition and respect as gifted artisans of custom-made creations, Krigler is well known for its custom-made fragrances, scented candles, and personalized decanters. Krigler’s artisans have the unique ability to transform the finest of ingredients into personalized fragrances and candle scents, creating amazing effervescences that are uniquely their own.

The making of exquisite scents is a craft, a time-honored skill that belongs to only a few artisans who have accepted their calling of matching the fragrance to the woman or man rather than vice versa. Indeed, capturing the essence of an individual in a personalized fragrance is an artful expression that reveals the true inner being while fusing soul with fragrance as one entity.

Proudly returning to its roots of creating personalized, custom-made fragrances delivering exclusivity and magnificent splendor encased in a glittering jewel of a bottle, Krigler is offering scented paradise to anyone with the vision to accept it. Theirs is a passionate journey to bring unique gems of scintillating effervescences to clientele looking for more than simply a pleasant perfume.

Offering this superlative luxury only to a few individuals at a time allows our master perfumers to deliver impeccable results for each delicate assignment. In order to ascertain the nuances of your personality and capture the quintessence of your being, we invite you to arrange a personal consultation with one of our fragrance artisans. Inimitable perfection is within your grasp and within our doing!

In addition to creating aromatic elegance in a bottle, Krigler is proud to offer our clientele an opportunity to possess a customized decanter designed specifically for the individual who desires it. Our highly skilled and experienced artisans work hand-in-hand with fifth-generation perfumer Ben Krigler to create custom-made flasks and decanters as well as custom-made trunks to safely house your personalized fragrances.

Expertly combining elegant craftsmanship, the finest ingredients, the best materials, and true dedication, our talented artisans make <br> our customers’ dreams possible. Nothing is beyond our ability, and every dream is one worth bringing to fruition.

Custom-Made Scented Candles

Delivering fragrant bliss for the home or office, Krigler’s one-of-a-kind, custom-made scented candles are exceptional works of art. Available in three styles, excelsior, apothecary, and Manhattan, each candle provides an aromatic experience using luxurious Krigler scents and our signature “La Cire Krigler, a smooth, silky, soy-based eco-wax. Whether you are looking for a new addition for your collection or you simply wish to bring a lavish gift of fragrance to your home, our scented candles are perfect!

Custom-Made Scented Candles for Weddings

Recognizing the desire for stylish sophistication in many aspects of life, Krigler offers customization of its candles for weddings. What better way to celebrate your love as a couple than to select his-and-hers fragrances designed by Krigler, have them blended into custom-made scented votive candles, and present them to your guests?

Custom-Made Scented Candles for Special Events

Krigler also offers customization of its scented candles for boutique openings and business functions. Our highly creative artisans can assist you in creating custom-made perfumes for use in votive candles that can be given away as gifts of appreciation for attending certain functions or for use by business professionals, such as interior decorators.

Custom-Made Process

Simply order the candle of your choice from one of our style pages. You can customize your scent as well as the appearance of your candle by choosing one of our many different fragrances and color options. Our scented candles are available in various sizes. Each of our candle holders can be refilled with its original scent, or you can choose a new fragrance when you ship the jar back. Depending on the current level of demand, it can take a few days up to a month for completion and shipping of your custom-made candle.

La Cire Krigler

Each custom-made scented candle comes in a handcrafted jar, which is then filled with Krigler’s special wax, La Cire Krigler. Sophisticated and eco-friendly, La Cire Krigler is an eco-wax designed specifically for Krigler, It offers a unique blending of essential oils, exquisite fragrances, and soy waxes intended to deliver an elegantly aromatic experience.

Krigler is one of few perfumeries that offers the exclusive service of Bespoke fragrances and offers custom-made scented candles. Inspired by these decades of experience Krigler presents: The ALLEGRA scented candle. Filled with the famous Krigler soy wax called La Cire Krigler and chosen among our unique scents.

The Allegra Candle is a handmade glass vase combining the vision of Ben Krigler and produced in the medieval village of Biot on the Cote d'Azur in France. The vases are made of five vibrant transparent glass based on centuries-old craft tradition. Filled with air bubbles in the glass, it makes each pieces unique and exclusive. The vases are available in five different colors (red, blue, pink, white and black) and reflect the vibrant colors of Provence and the style of Krigler.